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What Are Cell Phone Spy Software Applications?
  • These applications are installed on a target phone and allow you to receive just about all information available on the target phone
What Can You Use These Applications For?
  • Protect your children through their phone
  • Monitor employee company phone use
  • Ensure spousal fidelity
Are They Legal And Safe To Use?
  • If you own the phone, or have permission from the owner, it is legal in most countries.
These are the Big Boys. They've been in the game the longest and I can vouch for their products. There are a few other companies out there that I would consider scammers, and I mention them down below, but these four seem to be the one's you can trust based on the reviews I've been getting and the one's I've used. If you've had a good or bad experience with any of them, please submit a review and I will post it up on the website. If you want to submit a review for a cell phone spy product I don't have listed then click here and fill out the form and I will check them out. Keep in mind this is an entirely independent mobile parental control software review website and was not payed for or run by any of the mobile software companies mentioned on this website. Most of the other mobile phone spyphone software websites you'll find on the web are created by the software companies themselves. You can tell because they don't really offer a way for you to submit user reviews and clearly bias one company over the others. I highly encourage you to submit your own review after you have purchased and used one of these products in order to help the other consumers out there make educated decisions.
Spy Phone Software
Feature Comparison
  • Undetectable
  • Secure web account
  • Keyword Search
  • Download Reports
  • Call Interception
  • Spy Call
  • Read e-mails
  • Read SMS msgs
  • Read address book
  • View call history
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Cell ID tracking
  • Track Location
  • E-mail relay
  • Sim Change Notification
  • Remote Control
  • Unlimited device changes
  • Free Upgrades
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24 Hour Support
Average User Rating
PRICE $100-$200/yr $200-$360/yr $169-$289/yr $149-$349/yr
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Works with Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Apple/iPhone, Android, and Nokia/Symbian Products available for Windows Mobile Products available for Android Products available for Blackberry Products available for Apple/iPhone Products available for Nokia/Symbian
Latest Reviews
E-stealth * Estealth * Android
Can anybody at all tell me if they've had any success with buying this app. Is there anybody?? I have an iphone 4s
User Rating:
Mobile-spy * Phone Sheriff * Android
Phone sheriff is a BIG disappointment. First, a child can EASILY uninstall it. Second, while installed, is not accurate, third, has useless customer service, they could not help me with basic installation issue, and third, no money refund for the useless product and jailbroken phone. Don't recommend this product
-dissapointed parent
User Rating:
E-stealth * * Android
The file that i payed for wouldnt download no matter how many downloader programs i had. I recieved numerous e-mails that appear automated but no real customer service. I do believe certain things have come onto my phone without me really knowing who or what but i dont have any kind of application that i can use when i need it. I've gone back to the web site again and now its asking almost 70 bucks for the same thing. I hope you guys are working on this for me. In Your company pictures yall seem like good people. I hope thats really who yall are.
User Rating:
Questions to Ask Before Purchasing
  1. Do you have access to the Target phone?
    All of the reliable mobile phone monitoring application companies require you to install the software application on the phone, usually through a link. Which leads to the second question.
  2. Does the target phone have internet access?
    As stated above you'll need internet access to install most of the apps, and most of the apps use the internet access to upload data from the phone to a web account you can access from your PC or phone.
  3. Is the Target cell phone supported?
    Not all phone's are supported. Not only aren't all phone's supported, but certain phone service providers might not be using a compatible technology. Check the website for the particular spy software you are interested in and see if they list your phone as one they support. Don't hesitate to email support and ask specifically if they support that particular phone that you are targeting.
  4. What is your budget?
    Most of the software listed comes in different packages. The more features, the more expensive. My advice would be to not necessarily go with the budget software. The reasons for installing this kind of software are pretty serious...either protecting your child, or trying to uncover infidelity, or monitor an employee for chronic abuse of the company cell phone or even possible company espionage. These are serious matters that can effect marriages, employment, and lives.
  5. Does the software meet your needs?
    It's always a balance between budget and features. Decide if it meets your needs. Feel free to email me for a specific recommendation, but please include your budget, basic requirements (what are you hoping to get out of using the software), and the target phone model.
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Editorial Reviews
Average User Rating:

Vervata Co., Ltd, the company that makes FlexiSpy, has been around awhile and has an amazing set of features for the different versions of their software. They also have a great support team which counts for a lot in case you run into any trouble with the software. Their major downside is the price for the higher-end versions of the software, although there are cheaper version in, "Light". Another major downside is that they only support GSM based phone services and not CDMA. Check your mobile network to see what technology your phone service uses. Here's a wireless service provider list specific to the US.

Features include being able to read all the information on the phone including emails, texts, call logs, real time GPS tracking, SIM change notification, address book, and two very cool features that include remote listening (you are able to turn on the mic on the phone and listen to it's environment), and LIVE call interception (the ability to listen to a live phone call while it's happening)! Very few other applications have as many features as FlexiSpy except for Spyera which seems to match them feature for feature. Not sure if there's a story there or not. In addition to spyphone software Flexispy also offers a rather unique product for protecting your phone called Flexi-Shield and FlexiRecord that works with FlexiSpy Pro-X to record phone calls from the target phone on your PC.

Average User Rating:

Mobile-Spy is another phone monitoring software maker that has been around for a few years. They make an excellent product that varies somewhat from FlexiSpy and Spyera, which is a good thing if it has what matches your needs. They seem to have concentrated a lot of effort in loggings events well and can do a few things the other software companies cannot, like logs for Memo's, Tasks, Calendar, Website Url's, Photo's and Videos. Basically you can see just about anything that goes on on the target phone. There's even a real-time view of the target phone's screen if you want to see that. This looks like an excellent piece of software for parents, and is probably why they put out a newly branded piece of software called "Phone-Sheriff" that is aimed just at parents (it was formerly named Mobile Nanny). Phone-Sheriff can also be added as an add-on to Mobile-Spy and give you the ability to BLOCK specific numbers from calls or SMS, LIMIT time or to FILTER content which could come in handy as a parent trying to responsibly supervise their child's phone usage. Although their live support is limited to American business hours, they seem to take support seriously which is important for any software company, especially where there are so many variables like the target phone's make, operating system, and service provider.

The company makes a lot of claims for the software, but there have been a number of negative reviews, so I would check with their support/sales to see if your specific phone/carrier is supported. You can check out their up-to-date compatability list. There are a number of fake review websites out there regarding both Mobile-Spy software and Phone-Sheriff Reviews, so please be aware of the bias of those websites. Since I have not personally used this software I would love to hear from you if you have used the latest version of the software. Overall I would recommend this software if you are on a budget. If you get an annual subscription they will even throw in Sniper-spy, a PC application that lets you supervise what goes on on the PC it's installed on.

Average User Rating:

Spyera Software's phone spy app is very similar to FlexiSpy's. Both in functionality and price. The one big difference is that Spyera claims broader network support. That is that it supports all networks including both GSM and CDMA, although certain features only work with CDMA (details are on their compatability page) In FlexiSpy's favor is their support. Spyera only seems to have support through email and a ticketing system.

Since we have no reviews for Spyera, I would dearly LOVE to have anyone who chooses to purchase this product come back to this website and leave a review (pretty please!).

Average User Rating:

As mentioned in this Newsweek article, MobiStealth is one of the Big Three.

MobiStealth makes the rather bold claim of supporting all iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones (and the Samsung Galaxy Tab). If your phone is not listed at their website, try emailing [email protected] to see when they might support it.

The feature list of MobiStealth is similar to the other venders, but like Mobile-Spy they also show Web browser logs from the target phone. What sets them apart from the other Big Dogs is that they offer a 3 month annual price for $39.99 which is a great price. If you use this software I would really appreciate you submitting a review, and if you work for MobiStealth, please feel free to forward emails from satisfied customers (include headers so I know it's a legit email) and I will add it to the database.

Alert! The following software has been reported to this website as scamware: eStealth, Bluestealth, Ultimate Mobile Spy, SpyMasterTools, CellSpyPro, PhoneStealth, BigDaddySpy and Spy Bubble
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