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Well where do i start. The whole installation , buying of the product went well. Then after 3 days it started to lose data. Apparently due to gprs issues. What amazes me is that the tracking capabily worked perfectly , but the sms and call logging lost data. Explain that one that one feature works great , but exactly at the same moment in time the other feature doesnt work. And give it a lame excuse like gprs issues? cmon . Tech support said i must uninstall the application and reinstall it. Then nothing seems to work . The software wont even authenicate when it installs. This with all the correct settings on the phone.Which i told them every single time.( and bye the way you can bargain on that 12 hours of reply time from them) I belive this is good value for money product , but the tech support , and obvious shortage of space on their servers is a big no no. Cmon mobistealth , seems you have a good application , but that the backup service is useless. ooh yes and get larger bigger servers to store info , because obviously some data from cutomers are getting dumped somewhere on your server that is not on the clients profile. Thanks forthe frustration! - Redryan

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I don't really have much to add other than I am quite happy with Flexyspy. I had a few complications installing it, but this was likely due to me not really understanding how to install phone software in general. Once I finally did get it installed and set-up, I have been able to monitor the person that I wanted to. I went with the cheapest version... "FlexiSpy Light" and actually wish I would have spent a little more and gone with the more expensive version because I really want to listen to this person's conversations. I would rate Flexispy a buy. - Lil

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